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An Anonymous user asked:

Is there any way to make this more mobile friendly? Or at least not have to use the website?

staff -

An app will be made eventually.

deathbars -

Your browser should also have an option to "add site to home screen" and that makes it seem more like an app imo

psa for meme makers

emydoidea -

Pollen is NOT plant sperm! The fully grown plants you see every day are sporophytes, and the reproductive cells they make are actually spores. The spores grow into their own independent organism called the gametophyte, which is what actually produces the egg and sperm. In flowering plants the gametophyte phase has been compressed to take place very quickly inside the pollen grain, so pollen is actually more like independently living human testicles. 🤗


This process is a lot more obvious in basal plants like ferns or algae, that have gametophytes that look like a totally different species! In fact some seaweed like sushi nori couldn’t be commercially grown for a long time because people didn’t know the gametophyte was actually the same thing.


The more you know 🌈🌟

sparky -

thanks i hate it.....

W help

I'm new here so!

I guEss here's a hey mutuals post?

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